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La Fanfare de Demigny – Demigny Band

The Demigny Fanfare being the official name, is in reality a musical harmony, created 163 years ago. It is located in the village of Demigny, 10 km south of Beaune.
Our band currently has around forty musicians, all volunteers and from all generations.
We participate in the events of the village with concerts throughout the year (Saint Cecilia, winter concert, spring concert, music festival on the 21st of June, commemorations, France’s national day on July 14th, etc.). We also participated in local festivals in the surrounding area (Saint-Vincent, mid-Lent in Chagny, Whitsun festival in Louhans, Conscript Parade, etc.).Our music is played in a happy friendly family spirited manner.
Our motto is: “Have fun playing and please the people who listen”


On the streets of Beaune center, November 18th 2023
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