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The Auction

“La vente des vins des Hospices de Beaune” The Hospices de Beaune annual wine sale is the oldest and most famous charity wine sale in the world.
The sale takes place every year on the third Sunday of November.

All of the profits raised by this event are used for the conservation and upkeep of the local heritage as well as being used to modernise hospital equipment in and around the area.
The cause that will be supported by the sale this year will be “ Growing old gracefully”


700 Buyers from 30 Countries

This event which takes place in “La Halle de Beaune” The Hall located just in front of “ Les Hospices” attracts buyers from across the globe, whether they be professionals or just simple lovers of great wines.
All this creates a unique, exciting and enjoyable atmosphere.


Last year’s 2022 Sale collected 31 Million Euros

The sum collected by last years charity sale became the New World Record for this type of event.
The High point of the 2022 sale was the the Presidents “Pièce” (barrels of 228 liters)
The profits from the sale of this are entirely donated to a charity of the President of sales choosing.
Last year this prestigious Pièce made 810.000 €.


Partners of Choice

Since 2021, the sale has been organised by the world renowned Auctioneers, Sotherby’s


The trend for the year

Every Year, the Results of the Sale predict the coming years trend for the Burgundy wine market.
However the weather also plays a role during the sale.
In 2021, a devastating frost ment that only 356 “Pièces” were presented at the auction, while in 2022 despite a record heatwave, 802 were sold.


The move towards Bio & Organic

This year will be the second that the Domaine des Hospices de Beaune has converted to Bio / Organic.
The 2024 harvest will be certified as Organically Farmed.
This philosophy and the work it requires is the desire of “Les Hospices de Beaune” to have a sustainable and long lasting respect for nature.


The “Hospices de Beaune” Wine Estate described in 4 figures

The Sale of wine at auction was imposed in 1859.

After returning from a 2 year prospecting tour around France as well as abroad, the Hospice’s Bursar of the time declared to the Administration “Gentleman, you can resume the sale of wine by public auction. There is no point in us prospecting and looking for sales, the customers are out there, our wines are well known, let them come to us”, and so the sale as we know it today was reintroduced and imposed back.