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Herisson’s Klick

.Hérisson’s Klick is a guggenmusik group created in 2014, Guggenmusik is a type of Carnival marching band, the term is often used in Germanic regions of Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany.
We rehearse in the town of Chalezeule in the Doubs region (25) just next to the town of Besançon. We started with around twenty musicians and that number slowly grew.
To date, our group now has 37 registered musicians of all ages, we are one big happy family and we all enjoy getting together during our rehearsals, where we can forget our daily worries and revise and learn our pieces, while at the same time help each other out. Our group does include some very experienced musicians but above all people who have learned to play an instrument on the job, but all of us are there and available to help and support each other out.

Our group leader “Didou” leads his troop in a calm organised manner, but what he asks above all of everyone, is to have fun while playing and spread the joy to all around us. This is the main reason we like to participate in all kinds of events (carnivals, Marches, village festivals, parades, etc.) to set the mood and share our music, our smiles and our joie de vivre.
Seeing the audience applaud and dance with us, is for sure our greatest reward.
Our strength: communicating and creating that good party vibe & joyful mood by playing and sharing our festive and dynamic music.
The group leader’s motto:
With HK it’s just… Fun & Happiness.


On the streets of Beaune center, November 18th and 19th  2023
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